Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan 2023

Today i am going to list Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan 2023 here. if you are interested to get high paying career then read complete article. You do a job to make money. Gas station work is an example of a job. Working a job is a way to earn money. An example of your job is the workplace and people with whom you interact every day.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan 2023

Worldwide, students study for years in order to land high-paying, respected jobs. Few of those who apply receive high-paying, well-known professions, leaving others to consider alternative options.

In undeveloped nations like Pakistan, the situation is much worse. There are only a few hundred graduates hired for Pakistan’s highest-paying jobs.

In spite of this, it is not impossible to find high-paying employment in Pakistan. The problem is that young people are unaware of the many high-paying employment opportunities available.

Moreover, freelancers have been earning the same as full-time employees in recent years. Freelancing offers many benefits over even the highest-paying jobs.

  •     Chartered accountant
  •     MBBS doctor
  •     IT professional
  •     Telecommunication engineer
  •     Judges and lawyers
  •     HR manager
  •     Bank manager
  •     Digital and video marketer
  •     Physiotherapist job in Pakistan
  •     Marketing manager

1- Chartered accountant

Pakistan’s top-paying career in 2023 is expected to be chartered accounting. A Chief Accountant, an Auditor, a CFO, a Financial Analyst, etc., play important roles in an organization’s financial affairs.

The CA or ACCA credentials are recognized worldwide because an international organization accredits them.

Right from the beginning, they receive the highest pay packages. In time, they will be rewarded handsomely for their efforts. CA has become Pakistan’s number one profession as a result of such development. The monthly salary ranges from Rs.75,000 to Rs.450,000.

2- IT Professional

We live in a world where information technology underpins nearly everything. IT is on the rise in Pakistan. Several software companies are now operating in Pakistan’s major cities. In Pakistan, software engineers, web developers, android developers, iOS developers, and other disciplines earn comparatively high salaries due to the growing need for IT personnel.

3- MBBS doctor

As diseases spread worldwide, the need for this profession also increases. Therefore, it is one of Pakistan’s highest paying jobs. The MBBS degree requires years of dedication and hard work, which is why many parents encourage their children to pursue this career path.

Education and effort are required for this profession. The profession requires vast knowledge and years of experience. MBBS physicians are also allegedly hired by government hospitals.

Physicians and surgeons who are highly trained earn up to 400,000 per month for their demanding jobs, slightly more than newly educated doctors. Neurologists, cardiologists, and gynecologists are also in great demand.

4- Judges and lawyers

There are four foundations of a state, and one of them is the judiciary. A well-balanced society relies on judges. This position involves a great deal of responsibility and requires extensive research, which is why they earn such a high salary. A judge’s duty is held in high regard in every community, and his or her annual salary of $400,000 is justified by countless tests and years of experience.

It is a highly regarded profession to be a lawyer in Pakistan. Laws include criminal, family, international, environmental, real estate, tax, immigration, and property law. In order to practice law, lawyers can specialize.

Personal skills are also important. Some companies also hire lawyers to handle their legal matters. Vacancies for lawyers also increase as a result.

In order to be considered for this position, you must have an LLB degree and relevant experience in the field. As attorneys gain experience, their salaries can rise to over 300,000 PKR, even though they start at around 40,000 PKR.

5- Marketing manager

Companies, products, and services are promoted by marketing managers through different marketing strategies. Under the marketing manager, product launch, advertising, email campaigns, event arrangements, and social media management are all managed and handled.

A good salary and a variety of opportunities are available to them. There is a range of 30,000 rupees a month to 200,000 rupees a month in salary.

6- Physiotherapist job in Pakistan

Physiotherapists help paralyzed individuals who suffer from any physical injury, including accidental injuries, fall attacks, lost movement in a specific body part, and become paralyzed. Exercises are practiced daily along with the medication. Young and old can use it.

Physical therapists are in greater demand in Pakistan as people become more aware of their health and physical demands.

Physiotherapists typically earn between 20,000 and 25,000 dollars a year, but depending on their experience and ability, they may earn up to several lakhs.

To work as a physical therapist in Pakistan, you need a DPT degree (Doctor of Physical Therapy).

7- HR Manager

There are several main responsibilities associated with human resource management, including job analysis and staffing, organization and utilization of workforce, evaluation and assessment of workforce achievement, financial rewards, career development, and workforce maintenance.

HR management is one of the best occupations for Pakistani women in 2022. Pakistan’s highest-paying job is in this field.

In addition, they are well compensated for their contributions to the success of the organization. A monthly salary of 35,000 to 150,000 rupees is offered.

8- Telecommunication engineer

A telecommunication engineer is responsible for managing audio, video, and text data across a wide range of communication channels. A telecom engineer handles radios, televisions, satellites, computer networks, the internet, and optical fibers.

Each day, billions of rupees are generated in Pakistan’s telecommunications industry.

There is no better way to begin a career in Pakistan than by working in the telecom engineering industry. A salary of 25000 to 100000 rupees is paid to the employees each month.

9- Bank manager

Money and investments are handled by bank managers. Banking is a crucial profession, and people need to be able to trust their hard-earned money to the bank. Its high salary is justified by its high level of responsibility and danger.

In addition to an MBA, this position requires a solid understanding of the financial system and years of banking experience. The average salary of a bank manager in Pakistan could be around 300,000 rupees per month.

10- Digital video marketer job in Pakistan

Advertising your products through social media has become more important than ever. Video marketing refers to promoting your product using videos, clips, or blogs, like Pepsi’s ads. Your audience can be educated and communicated with through videos.

Every Pakistani watches YouTube videos. The popularity of video content has made video marketing more popular. Those who are proficient in video editing may work as video marketers.

On YouTube, there are countless video marketing courses; anyone can take them and sell their services on Fiverr or Upwork.

Sales and business development

A salesperson leads the sales business as well. Customers acquire the firm’s product on a larger scale, resulting in its success. A salesman’s salary typically ranges from PKR 25,000 to PKR 45,000 per month, with the income increasing over time.

Other high-paying jobs in Pakistan include:

  •     Pakistan’s university lecturer sectors
  •      CEOs/Directors
  •     Partners and Managing Directors
  •     Directors of Research
  •     Tax Consultants
  •     Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers
  •     Managers of Business Development
  •     Officers in charge of projects
  •     Architects and developers of software

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